It’s time to think about Christmas!

The shops have been trying to get us to do this for weeks: aisles full of Christmas food, decorations up already, and now the adverts are all on TV!  So although we often complain about Christmas seeming to start earlier and earlier each year (at least I do), when it comes to planning, we could probably learn a bit from Tesco and M&S.  And I have to admit we’ve been doing a bit of (secret) Christmas preparation in the office.

However, it’s now  time for us all to get involved, if Christmas at St John’s and St Mark’s is going to be a success again this year.  (And by that I mean successful in God’s terms - of use to His Kingdom, bringing glory to Him.)  So what can we do?  Here are 4 ways to help:    

·  INVITE - Christmas is the only time of the year some people will even consider coming to church.  So if you have friends or family who you would like to see hearing about God’s great love for them, don’t miss the opportunity - it may not come round again for a whole year.  You should find one of our church Christmas cards (which we will deliver round the parish) inside.  It’s got a list of our special December services and events inside.  Why not use it, very soon, to invite a friend .  There is something for every age.  There are some on Sundays and some mid-week. There are some that are more formal church services and some that are certainly not!  They are in various places. So we are trying to provide for many tastes.  So have a read and then use them.

· PRAY - for all the services and events, for the cards being delivered, and for ourselves: that we would have the courage to invite others.  And don’t forget the chance to pray for Christmas this afternoon at 4 (19th).

· HELP OUT -  at this time of year there is lots to do.  So come and help sort out the cards (Mon afternoon), or deliver some of them (even one street would really help), or help set up for one of the services, or...  (any offers of anything are really welcome!)

· COME ALONG -  Of course, Christmas is for us too.  We too need to hear again of “Emmanuel - God with us”, of God the Son becoming a real human.  It’s a message we can’t hear too often.  So let’s come, join in, listen, think... and rejoice!                   Mark