My very dear Friends,             


                Harvest is here again – our 21st in Great Clacton with you all!!

                Harvest – a time when farmers reap the fruits of their labours. 

                Harvest – I am sure that it was no coincidence that the Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples at Pentecost, when Jews everywhere were celebrating the start of the barley harvest.

                Harvest – traditionally a time of joy and celebration.

                Harvest – our LORD Jesus was, in all probability, speaking at harvest-time when He memorably said – ‘the fields are white unto harvest’ (John 4: 35). He was telling His disciples that others had planted and watered, and theirs was the privilege and joy of reaping a great harvest, even though they had not sown. What joy.

                And how I hope and pray that there will be a great harvest in Great Clacton. It may be that the seed was sown in Edmonton or Hackney or West Ham or Walthamstow. Over the intervening years it has grown very slowly, very silently but very steadily – and now is the time for it to be harvested.

                I say this today to encourage you all to look out for those who are moving into our town from the London boroughs and from other parts of the country. They were born there, they went to church there, they got married there, they had children there – and now they have moved out to Great Clacton and are ready for the harvest. 

                But, unless someone gets out there with the sickle (or the combine harvester) there will be no harvest. Even in the days of Jesus, the fields might well be ‘white unto harvest’, but if the harvester never came, the grain would simply fall back into the ground and rot.

                Harvest – a time to look around at the hearts which surround us – and to ask ourselves – ‘Are any of these hearts ready to be harvested – waiting and longing for harvest-time?’

                Jesus is calling for us all to get involved in the harvest, to commit ourselves to His mission of the saving and the rescuing of lost souls.

                Sharpen your best sickle! Get harvesting! And get rejoicing in the abundance!