Mission Support

Local and Overseas


The church family is committed to supporting mission, on a local level as well as worldwide. A Mission Committee promotes mission to the church family and this has resulted in prayer and financial support being given to the following organizations, projects and individuals –

WEC International (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) - working to reach the unreached people groups of the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We currently support two missionaries, one in the UK and one in Japan.

BETEL - working with people who are recovering from addictions in the UK and throughout the world.

We currently support a married couple based in the UK.

Wycliffe Bible Translators - we support a Bible translation project in Uganda among the Banyole people giving them the New Testament in Lunyole, their own heart language.

We also support a young family working with Wycliffe in Entebbe, Uganda.

Veritas International

This year St John’s and St Mark’s churches have begun to partner with Veritas International a Biblical Training College in Kampala, Uganda.

Veritas International was founded 25 years ago in the United Kingdom. At that time the Cold War had just ended and freedom had come to the Eastern European countries. Churches that had been severely persecuted by the totalitarian governments now had the freedom to plant new churches. Pastors who never had the opportunity to receive training were now requesting it. In addition, newly planted churches needed trained leaders. It was in this context that Veritas was founded in February 1992 and the first training was offered in Romania.

Our partnership with them is to help bring Biblical training to the pastors in the Bunyole Sub-Region of S E Uganda, where the Banyole people live and who have recently received the New Testament in their mother tongue of Lunyole. We are currently committed to a 2 year agreement which will be reviewed in July 2019.


Tearfund - a Christian relief and development charity working with the church worldwide to tackle the causes and effects of poverty.

Open Doors UK & Ireland

OpenDoors - is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide.


Barnabas Fund  Barnabas Fund providing Practical Aid for the Persecuted Church.

General Information - Each month there is a short focus on world events in our morning services to bring mission news to the church family. 

Nearer to home we support our local ‘Soup Run’ along with other churches in the area. Our team usually works on a Wednesday evening. 

We also produce a quarterly magazine called “Mission  Matters” full of mission news and events from around the world which can also be used for prayer.


We pray continually for our missionaries and projects and particularly each Friday evening 5-5.30 pm in St. John’s Church.