Bethany Bereavement Support

During this current Corona crisis we are not able to offer the usual support via our Bereavement Cafes.

We understand that you may be finding it harder to cope without physical contact with family and friends and need more than ever to be able to talk to someone about how you feel.

Two of us are available to talk to you on the phone and if you would like this then please click on one of the names below and you will be able to send an e-mail to one of us. Please leave your phone number so we can get back to you.

Our contacts are: John or Jan

You may prefer to phone the Church Office (01255 475704) and leave a message.

Are you grieving? 


Bereavement is a distressing but common experience. Sooner or later we will suffer the death of someone close to us - someone we love.  

Most of us have not had the need, either to learn about grief - how it feels, what are the right things to do, what is 'normal' - or how to come to terms with it. In spite of this, we have to cope when we are finally faced with the death of a loved one. 

We grieve after any sort of loss, but most powerfully after the death of someone we love.  It is not just one feeling, but a whole succession of feelings, which take a while to get through and which cannot be hurried. 

Many of us can be completely overwhelmed not knowing where to turn. 

Even with close family and friends sometimes we need someone else to listen — to help us walk the path of grief.

 Perhaps we can help?

Our Mission is to:

Offer all those in pain through bereavement (either recent or otherwise) the help needed to come to terms with their loss.



Blessed  are  they  who  mourn,  for  they  will  be  comforted

Matthew 5: 4