Christmas view

Are things back to normal at church yet?


It’s the most common question I get asked at the moment.  And the answer is “fairly normal” – we are doing lots of the things that a church should do – doing again some of the things that were hard to do over the last year and a half.  So why not come and see?   



And how normal will Christmas be?


That’s what lots of us are now wondering! After what happened last year, we know that we shouldn’t just take things for granted.  But most of us are hopeful that this year’s Christmas will be one that we want to remember.  And we’re certainly planning for that at church.  Have a look on our diary page – there is lots going on.


However, we do know that in some ways things are still far from normal - so we’re taking steps to keep everyone as safe as possible.  At our services, we’re giving people more space where they sit - and to avoid crowding we’re running the most popular services twice.  And there will still be lots on our YouTube channel for those who can’t get out at this time.  (See our diary for all the new details.)     



But Christmas has never been “normal”…


But as we hope for a “normal” Christmas, let’s remember that Christmas has never really been “normal”. It’s a time to tell of visits by angels, singing shepherds and visitors from afar led by a star.  And strangest of all, it’s all about God’s own son coming to share in our lives… as a baby!


So do come along this year, to hear again of this least normal of events celebrated in as normal a way as we can manage.                                                    Mark Mulryne (Vicar)    

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