All change in August

I hope that you have found our sermon series over the last few months, on “Encouraging Prayer”, useful. I’ve found it very helpful to see how people in the Bible prayed in so many different circumstances and how they brought their concerns to God.

However, it’s now time for a new August/September series, in our YouTube services (also available on CD). We will be “Learning from the Lord Jesus”, as we follow him through the middle chapters of Matthew’s Gospel, looking at his teaching and his actions. Each week we will have a guest speaker (including Bishop Rod for a couple of weeks). I’m very grateful to The Church Society for providing this resource for summer online services.

August - Thought for the Day

During August our mid-week activities on YouTube are taking a break. There will also not be the usual Evening Prayers after 2nd. However, there will be a something new, starting this week, encouraging us to reflect on God’s word every day…

From Monday 3rd August for five weeks, Monday to Friday, we will be having a “Thought for the Day” from the Psalms on YouTube. The format will be very simple - a psalm will be read, then there will be a brief thought about it, and finally we will have a short time of prayer – it will all take about 10 minutes. There will be a range of people leading this over the weeks, hopefully keeping it fresh and thought provoking.

Each one will become available on YouTube overnight – so that you

can watch it at any point during the day that works for you.

Please do join us if you can.

Alpha is coming - and it’s online!

What is Alpha?

Alpha gives you the chance to ask the ‘Big Questions’ and explore the Christian Faith in a fun, no-pressure environment. It is a great ‘refresher’ course for churchgoers and an easy way for anyone outside the church to learn what our faith is all about.

We’ll be running the course online (probably on Monday evenings) from late September or early October; more details will follow at the end of the summer.

For the last 30 years God has been using Alpha to bring people into his family both here in Britain and around the world! Please prayerfully consider joining us yourself - and ideally invite 2-3 friends or family members to take part as well!

You can register your interest now by emailing Ti Chase: