Schools and Families Project

Looking back, looking forward and giving thanks

In November 2019 the PCC agreed in principle to go ahead with the Schools and Families Project for another three years, subject to the provision of funds to support this very important outreach being achieved. Hannah and Rachel had agreed to continue in their roles from September 2020 to August 2023. By August 2023 the project will have been in place for nine years! In March 2020 a letter was sent to church family members explaining the proposals and inviting anyone who felt they could contribute financially to let us know. Christian charitable trusts were to be contacted, asking if they would also be willing to give to the project. The PCC and Mission Committee agreed to support, as they as they have done in the past, for the additional period. As well, with careful stewardship we had about £12,000 to carry forward from the previous funding period - but the total project costs were £115,000 so we still did have a lot to find.

Then came lockdown when we no longer could meet up and keeping in touch was mainly by telephone - but did this deter our wonderful church family? No it didn't! Your responses to support by regular giving over three years, or by a one-off donation, or by making a pledge to give within the next three years, continued to reach us.

Your giving and pledges have been amazing and we can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support. And two Christian charitable trusts, have also contributed - Tabeel Trust (£15,000, spread over 3 years), and Fowler Smith & Jones Trust (£2,000 in one payment). Today we can report that we have raised enough funding to cover at least the project’s first two years. Money continues to come in and we are applying to some more trusts.

Hannah and Rachel have continued to work either in person or on Zoom and YouTube throughout all the restrictions that have been imposed on us. A tremendous thank you to them for their commitment to reach out in new ways and in very different circumstances. Well done!

Thank you, Lord, for your constant provision and guidance always when we need it most. Joan Bruce and Anita Newbery