Clive’s Funeral and Thanksgiving Service

The details have now been finalised for the day of Clive’s funeral. His Funeral Service will be held on Thursday 18th August at 9.30am at Colchester Crematorium, Mersea Road, CO2 8RU. There is no pressure to attend the crem, but if you would like to, please kindly put your name down on the list at the back of church. If you are able to offer a lift or need a lift, please indicate this. There will then be a Service of Thanksgiving for Clive’s life at 12 noon in St. John’s Church followed by refreshments in the Church Hall. (Guy will be the preacher at this service.) We’ll do our best to record the service for those who can’t attend

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Holy Communion on Sunday Mornings 

We have been giving some thought to how best to organise things when we share the bread and wine at Communion Services on Sunday mornings. The PCC have now had a chance to discuss this. We think that many people would like to return to using the Communion rail and going forward to receive the bread and wine. However, we also feel that most will want to continue to use the individual cups. So, this is what we are going to try from Sept – going forward to the rail but receiving the wine in an individual cup. (Of course, if anyone is not able or needs to be cautious about going forward, we will bring communion to them in their seats.) There are some things that have been appreciated about the way we have been doing Communion over the past year, and so we may choose to revert to this format from time to time. If you have any thoughts on this, please do let me know. Mark.