At Easter we remember what is right at the centre of what we believe as Christians - that at the centre of Jesus’ mission was the fact that  he had come  to die and rise again.  As we have read through Mark’s Gospel at church this Lent we’ve seen how Jesus spoke about his death and resurrection again and again, and how he planned to “give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10v45).

Each special day at this time of year helps us remember an important event from that first Easter.  Each special day reminds us of a vital truth.

So do join us for as many of these as you are able to.  Easter Services are listed on our 'Welcome' page. 

We try to make all of our services at this time of year welcoming to visitors.  Those outside the church usually realise how important Easter is to Christians, so they may well want to come along and see for themselves.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity to pass on an invitation or spread the word about all that is happening at St. John’s and St. Mark’s over the next few weeks.  

So let’s make this season one that is both very special to us as Christians and something thought provoking for our community.             Mark


Thankfulness Sunday

This year, because Easter is so late, our special Sunday to look back on the last year, give thanks, and prepare for future is straight after Easter on Sunday 28th April - this includes our Annual Meeting.  We’ll have a joint service at St Mark’s at 10.30am, with several special items (and there are nice refreshments from 10am).  Then at 12 it’s the APCM, which we will keep short and to the point.  Please, please do try to make the effort to come and be part of this important event for us as a church. Thanks!  Mark