Well this is a totally new ball game to me - writing a piece for the front page - but that is what I have been asked to do!

I am asked quite often - “What do you do in the office?” Well - where to begin?….. On a daily basis I answer the phone, check emails, photocopy, deal with visitors and their queries. Then on a weekly basis, I write the cheques, bank the money, report the hymns we sing in St. Mark’s so that the songwriters get the royalties that they are entitled to. I email the Gazette for them to print in the local paper what is going on in our churches, and then there is either the prayer diary or the newsletter to prepare and print. I am greatly helped by Catherine who then comes into the office on a Friday afternoon to fold and staple them - and I am most appreciative of this. I also deal with the hiring of both Churches and the hall and invoice the users accordingly.

Every year I have the dreaded APCM to prepare for. I say dreaded, though it’s not actually that bad - I think its just the thought of all the work that goes into it, not just by me and of course Joan but everyone that has to submit a report that then has to be put in the finished version. Reporting online to the Charity Commission follows the APCM.

Moving on through the year holiday club happens and there are lots of name labels to be printed. Annual duties also include arranging and booking PAT testing, which needs to be carried out for ALL electrical devices at both Churches and the hall. As well, boilers at both churches and Mark’s home need to be booked for servicing, fire extinguishers and fire alarms need to be tested annually, and an inventory has to be prepared by both church wardens and then typed up to show everything that the church owns (it’s a bit like a stock take).

Also throughout the year we will have our special services, when special service sheets have to be prepared and printed, as well as flower rotas and hall hire rotas that need to be prepared for the following year.

Then periodically I have the service rotas to get ready. I basically prepare the bare bones and Mark completes the preachers and leaders and then Lesley (SMC) and Christine/Steph (SJC) advise on readers and prayers.

When this is all written down on paper it doesn't seem a lot but I am    never at a loss of what to do during my office hours!       Ann-Marie