Frydays Community Café


In August it will be 11 years since we opened our doors to our local community.  There is a saying - “Where has the time gone?”  We have achieved so much, too many things to mention.  God has showered this mission with many blessings.   

I would like to concentrate on one aspect of our work.  This being the bookshelf in the entrance of the hall.  Earlier this year we reached 500 Bibles being taken.  After this miracle in Great Clacton I decided it is wrong to count how many we give away.  Did Jesus count how many people he spoke to on his travels?  Well I think the answer would be NO.  All he wanted was to tell as many people as possible of His Father’s word.  As Christians this is as important to us now as it was for Him over two thousand years ago.  It is not up to us what people do with that word - we have fulfilled God’s wishes by making sure they can get it and understand it. It is up to God to do His work in their lives, but we can point people towards Him.  Without a Bible in peoples’ homes how can they explore what God is telling them?  

In the eleven years the biggest surprise I have had was when a 17 year old lad came into the hall asking to find Jesus. After the shock, I prayed over and over “Lord help me, Lord help me.”  Even now I think about this and I’m sure I could have reacted slightly better. As this lad left he asked “Are you sure this Bible is mine to keep?” - well it sure was, as it was given to him from us with love - our love and God’s love. 

Bless you all for all your support, without which Frydays would not be still running. Thank you!!                                         Clive