Let’s make the most of the opportunities…

Quite a few people have stopped me recently outside our churches and asked, “Is everything back to normal at church?” I’m not totally sure what normal is for us! – but I do say, “Well we have lots of things going on – come and have a look.”

It has been really great to have so many things starting up again and some new things on the way – things for children, for young people and for adults. Please read through inside for all the details. So, let’s make the most of these – let’s enjoy them ourselves, and let’s invite a friend (or someone who’s just asking questions outside the church) along. The last couple of years have taught us that we can’t be sure what the future holds – but there are lots of opportunities just now – so let’s make the most of them!

And as this letter I received last week shows (below), some people are certainly enjoying all that’s going on! Mark.

A Special Day

The last Tuesday of the month, 28th September was a very special day. After 18 months, “Stewsdays” restarted. This is where we meet at St. Mark’s church at 11.45am for lunch at 12.15. Everyone is welcome. Along with previous regulars were some new faces too. It was smiles all round. So very good to unite with folk we had not seen in such a long time. As ever, the excellent team headed up by Pam and Kathy, prepared a very tasty first course plus desert and tea or coffee and a small gift for everyone. To me, it was a tonic – I had a great time.

If you fancy going out for lunch (you can bring a friend or two) the menu for next month, 26th October, will be Chicken in a creamy Mushroom sauce, or the vegetarian option is stuffed peppers. The cost is £4. Please book in advance by phoning the Church Office (01255 475704). A very warm welcome awaits you. Daisy Cook