It’s September…

…and as usual, lots of things are starting up again after the summer break. However, as everyone knows, things are far from usual at the moment! This means that we are having to do our best to try to cater for people in lots of different situations – so that we try to make sure that no-one is left out. It also means that we have to try to be flexible, so that we can respond as quickly as possible as the regulations change. We want to do everything within the guidance, in order to keep everyone at church safe and to play our part to protect our community from further restrictions, but we also want to make sure that we are providing for people spiritually – this is what the church is for.

That is why, in the coming months, we will continue both with live services on Sundays (9 & 10 am) and also with our Online Worship (11am on YouTube – also available on CD). 

We have restarted Wednesday Worshippers and Together live, but we are keeping our Evening Prayers and Ask a Pastor and starting a 'Thursday Thought' on our YouTube channel. 

As well as catering for as many of the church family as possible we also are hoping and praying that this will give others in our community the best chance of joining in and hearing of God’s great love for them – Good News that many may be searching for at this time. So, in addition, we are having a go at running an Alpha Course online.

And we are determined that the current restrictions will not stop us doing important things, even if we have to do them differently.

Thanks for you help and support with all of this.         Mark