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Our Community Café offers affordable meals and snacks to all in our local community. This is some of the comments -        

Reverend Guy Thorburn writes:

Jesus tells us that we go out into the highways and bye-ways and bring people in, people whom we would not ordinarily meet in the course of life, people who are made in the image of God, who are loved by God but who would not often come across the people of God or enter the church of God.

I am convinced that Clive’s ministry at Frydays Community Café is very much a highways and bye-ways ministry, attracting lots and lots of folk into our Church Hall, whom we would not otherwise meet. Folk attracted by the food, by the warmth of the welcome they receive, by the friendship and by the opportunity to meet new people.

Clive makes no secret of the fact that he is a Christian and that Frydays is a Christian Café. His faith shines through all that he does and, I am sure, touches many hearts.

And it is especially wonderful that, having received food for their bodies, so many folk have taken away one of the free   Bibles (170 at the last count), which will give them food for their souls.

May I encourage you to pray specifically for all that Clive and the Team are doing in Christ’s name.                                                                          

Mary Grint writes:

Stan and I always look forward to our dinner at the Frydays Community Café, rarely missing. It’s so good to meet up with old friends and to make new ones. To have opportunities to invite people  and give them leaflets about Church Services and other activities. It is a real outreach to our community.  Thank you Clive and all your Team who we now know as friends.

Frydays Food

Sylvia Burns writes:

I have been asked “Why have I decided in my retirement to help at Frydays”.

I love the concept of Fridays – reaching  out to everyone in the community. Over the years I have met a great diverse of people, some come for a while whereas like me they have become a regular part of Frydays.  For some it is about volunteering, for others it is to come and enjoy an affordable meal, but whatever reason the one thing for many is loneliness, which can affect us all whatever background, age, gender. Frydays in itself is its own little community, a mix of Christian and non-Christians working together in love and   friendship and I feel so honoured to be a part of this.

Finally Clive writes:

Frydays Community Café is in one way unique as it seeks to minister not just to its diners but also to all those who form my Team of dedicated helpers. Over the past 6 years many who came just for a coffee or dinner have stayed and offered their help. Our God has been leading and guiding us each step of the way. Helping out with Frydays provides a real sense of worth, love and fellowship for each of us and we truly value and cherish each other.

In itself you may not think this is very remarkable but you have to take into account that so many of these wonderful volunteers have reached out to us, often from very difficult circumstances in our society and being loved and accepted by the church fellowship does not come easy for them. It takes time to build a Team as good as the one God has blessed me with and whenever I am feeling a little weary it is the Team’s hard work and your prayers that gives me renewed strength.

I am aware that the clothing stall, food shop and bric-a-brac can be a little frustrating at times by the space they occupy in the hall, but they provide a vital service to those in great need who visit us each week. The Christian Books in the foyer continue to be well used by the church family and all our visitors alike.

So, thank you for all your prayer support and a special thank you again to the amazing Team who serve our visitors each week.

Frydays Cafe Team Asda Clacton-on-Sea’s Community Champion Kerry-Ann Moore is on hand to work closely with charities and good causes in the town – like the Frydays community café.

The café provides hot nourishing meals every Friday for people who need a little extra help, so Kerry-Ann donated a bundle of fresh produce and ingredients for the volunteers to make meals with, as well as tea, coffee and biscuits.

Frydays Café, at St John’s Church hall, provides a cooked meal for local people who need a little extra help, at a cost of just £3. The group relies on donations and grants to operate, so colleagues at the new Asda Clacton-on-Sea superstore were only too happy to help.