Lent 2019

Lent at St. John’s & St. Mark’s - “Seeing Jesus Clearly


Lent is a good time of the year to pause and reflect on where we are in our Christian lives.  As we come up to Easter, when we remember what’s right at the centre of our faith, it’s only proper that we stop and think about our own commitment to Jesus.

I’m hoping that our Lent sermon series on Sunday mornings and in our Thursday Lent Meetings will help us do just that. This year these fit in with each other (though if you can only make it to one of them it will still work).

We’ll be following Jesus on his journey to Jerusalem in Mark chs.8-10.  As he travels it seems that everyone is struggling to see clearly who he is.  And their struggles can help us if we want to see and know Jesus better.  So please do come along to as many of these as you can...     


Thursday 21st March   “To see or not to see: the Disciples” (Mark 8 v14-38)


Sunday 24th March  “Seeing greatness”  (Mark 9 v 2-37)


Thursday 28th March   “Refusing to see: Herod” (Mark 5 v 14-29)


(Sunday 31st March - Break for Mothering Sunday)


Thursday 4th April   “Faulty vision: The rich young man” (Mark 10v13-31)


Sunday 7th April   “Narrow vision: James & John”  (Mark 10 v 32-52)


Thursday 11th April   “Perfect sight: Blind Bartimaeus” (Mark 10 v 32-52)


Then we’ve Palm Sun, Maundy Thurs, Good Fri & Easter Day - details to follow!


The Lent Meetings are every Thursday during Lent at St Mark’s Church, 7pm for refreshments, 7.30pm for the meeting itself.  Each evening will start with a time led by one of our homegroups, before we will have some teaching from Mark’s gospel, followed by video input from Rico Tice, then we finish with a chance for quiet reflection.  We promise to finish before 9. Hope to see you there.                     Mark.