Monday, 19th July - Sunday, 1st August, 2021


Guy has chosen the Bible passage and written the prayer for the day for us, once again. He says…


Our verses in this Prayer Diary are taken from Psalm 1 – a psalm which commends all those who refuse to walk with the wicked, stand with sinners or sit with mockers. It is a psalm which proclaims as blessed those who meditate upon God’s Word and which declares that they will bear much fruit.

Ann-Marie adds… The second week, as you will see, also has the Bible verses and the main points that we will teach the children during holiday club - we would value your prayer for all concerned.



Friday, 23rd


‘and on his law he meditates day and night.’ (Psalm 1: 2)


“May it continue to be our daily practice and delight to meditate upon your law. And as we meditate, so we pray that you will refresh and renew our souls and spirits.”


              • Please pray for leaders and young people as preparations are made for Christian camps, holiday clubs and missions over the summer. Pray for wisdom as to the best and safest way to hold these – and for suitable alternatives when they can’t go ahead.

              • Please pray for the team that have “stepped in” when Clive has been absent. Pray that they may work well together, offer help to many and have a deeper understanding of our Lord and Saviour.

              • Please pray for the work of the church office. Pray for all the phone calls that are answered. Pray for all the emails that are sent. And pray for all the things that are produced and distributed.


Saturday, 24th


‘He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.’ (Psalm 1: 3)


“As we meditate day by day upon your law, O Lord, so we pray that we may bear much fruit. May we increase in love and joy and peace, in patience and kindness and goodness, in faithfulness and gentleness and self-control.”


              • Thank God for our church family and all that they do to help us.

              • Local churches: St Andrew’s, Alresford - there’s serious illness amongst some church members and relatives of the ministry team – please pray for God to bring peace in the midst of the challenge.

              • Pray that all our church family would feel safe to return to church.



Sunday, 25th


‘Whatever he does prospers.’ (Psalm 1: 3)


“As we follow your law and obey your commands, O Lord, so we pray that you will prosper all our work – begun, continued, and ended in you. And may all that we do cause your Name to be glorified.”


Please pray that the Lord might anoint and bless all the work which is being done in His Name in our local area. Pray that there might be much fruit and much to encourage the faithful. And pray that all local clergy will be able to look forward to good and relaxing holidays with their families and friends over the summer, after such a very challenging and stressful year.


              • Give thanks for all who get things ready for our Sunday services.

              • Pray for those who will be returning to church today, after a long absence. May they return with joy and thanksgiving in their hearts – and may all fear be banished by God’s perfect love.

              • Please pray for our various services today. Pray that many will learn of God’s goodness, want to praise him, be encouraged in their faith and strengthened to live for him day by day.



This is Holiday Club week and so I have set out the Bible Story and Main points and ask for your daily prayers please relating to these points


Monday, 26th


‘Not so the wicked!’ (Psalm 1: 4)


“O Lord, we pray that this psalm may be a warning to all those who have turned away from you. May they read it, recognize the danger in which they stand and seek salvation.”


              • Give thanks that we can throw open our doors to welcome Children to holiday club this week.

              • Day 1 of Holiday Club - Jesus calls Peter (Luke 5v1-11) - Main point: Jesus has power over nature & he calls people to follow him. Please pray for good listening and good understanding.

              • Please pray for safety and for good listening and for God’s love to abound, not only today but all week, and that we would reach out with the Good News to children and families alike.


Tuesday, 27th


‘They are like chaff that the wind blows away.’ (Psalm 1: 4)


“Living Lord, we believe that it is your desire that none should perish. May this verse be a warning to all who are on the broad path. May they realize the broad path leads only to despair and destruction.”


              • Day 2 of Holiday Club – Paralytic healed (Luke 5v17-26) – Jesus power over sickness & power to forgive. Pray that all who are listening would think about the forgiveness we all need.

              • Please pray for the leaders and helpers today at Holiday Club. Pray for them as they tell the Bible story and lead their groups in activities that remind the children of what they have heard. Pray for good listening and seeds to be sown.

              • Thank God for those who sit around us in church, week by week. Think of someone who often sits near you at church and spend a moment praying for them.


Wednesday, 28th


‘Therefore, the wicked will not stand in the judgement,’ (Psalm 1: 5)


“Help us, O Lord, to use the truth contained in this verse to warn those who are not following in your Way. And may our words of warning be so compassionate and concerned that they may be heeded and accepted.”


              • Day 3 of Holiday Club – Zacchaeus (Luke 19v1-19) – Jesus rescues sinners - and when he does they change. Pray that many children and families will experience God’s power at work in their lives.

              • Pray for the leaders to be able to draw alongside the children in their group and really engage with them and form friendships which will encourage the youngsters into church on a Sunday.

              • Please pray for our Wednesday Worshippers, as they meet for the last time before the summer break. Pray for godly fellowship.



Thursday, 29th


‘sinners (will not stand) in the assembly of the righteous.’

(Psalm 1: 5)


“O Lord, we are all aware that we are sinners, saved by your grace alone. As we seek to convey the truths of Scripture to the next generation, may we do so humbly, fully aware of our short-comings and our dependence on your mercy.”


              Day 4 of Holiday Club – the Crucifixion (Luke 23) – forgiveness comes through Jesus’ death in place of others. Pray that the children would come to understand that Jesus’ death brings life.

              • Please pray for your family, your neighbours, your community - pray for vital and effective outreach into our parish.

              • Persecuted Church: Myanmar – please pray for a peaceful solution to the ongoing civil war. Buddhist nationalism is especially strong and drives much of the persecution of Christians. Please pray for protection for all Christians that they will be able to have fellowship with other believers.


Friday, 30th


‘For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous,’ (Psalm 1: 6)


“Praise you, O Lord our God, that your unsleeping eye ever watches over the way of the righteous. Thank you that you are ever-watchful and ever-alert. Protect us and keep us safe in these uncertain times.”


Please pray for your local Food Banks, as they seek to care for those who are struggling. Pray for adequate resources of staff and supplies of food.


              • Day 5 of Holiday Club – Resurrection (Luke 24 v1-12 + 36-44) – Jesus resurrection shows that he’s the true king/Lord. Please pray that many we meet would come to see Jesus as their Lord.

              • Please pray for the leaders and helpers on this last day of holiday club, pray for energy and enthusiasm.

              • Pray for yourself, to know the best way to help those around who need comfort, advice or practical help at this time. Pray that we would be able to show God’s love in many situations.


Saturday, 31st


‘but the way of the wicked will perish.’ (Psalm 1: 6)


“Lord have mercy, we pray. Bless the work of countless Missions, Holiday Clubs and Camps across our land and use them to bring many souls into your ark of salvation.”


Please pray for HM the Queen and for all the Royal Family. Thank God for Her Majesty’s very long reign and for her continuing Christian witness – in good times and in bad.

• Please pray for God’s help in welcoming and helping people who are new to our churches, who we meet this weekend.

• Please pray for all in our church family who are ill at this time.

• Other local churches: All Saints’, Walton – Please pray for those who reluctant to come back to church. And give thanks and pray for those who are new – especially those with a real desire to explore the Christian faith.


Sunday, 1st August


‘Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or stand in the way of sinners, or sit in the seat of mockers.’ (Psalm 1: 1)


“Today we praise you and thank you, O Lord, for this glorious psalm, which has inspired so many to look into your Word and to keep on looking as the years pass by. May we continue to be thrilled by it.”


              • Thank God that we can meet with our church family Sunday by Sunday. Thank God that we can do more and more things again together with other Christians – thank God for the joy of joining with them. Pray that we would make the most of our times together to encourage and support one another.

              • Please pray for our holiday club service today. Pray that many of the children will want to return and to bring their families with an enthusiasm to share what they have learnt with them. Pray for the practicalities of the Family Lunch afterwards.

              • Please pray for Christians in Uganda at this time, when there has been a great rise in Covid cases and very few people have had vaccines. Pray especially for Gift, Kathryn, their family and the translation teams that we are linked with. Please pray for those mourning the loss of loved ones and please pray for their safety. Pray also that their wonderful work of Bible translation will be able to continue.



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