Fortnightly Prayer Diary

Monday, 16th November - Sunday, 29th November, 2020

Guy has written our prayer diary for us, once again. This time he focuses on Psalm 46, which we used on Remembrance Sunday… 

At this time of such turmoil in so many individual lives, in so many areas of our national life, in our Church life and in so very many areas of international life – at this time of Remembrance – we do well to remember, and to give thanks, for the lives of so very many faithful ones who have gone ahead of us with the sign and torch of faith and, especially, for the One who inspired and guided them. 

Our God is a refuge and a strength for all who believe and trust in Him. He is the One who is able to banish fear and cause it to flee. He is the One who is able to make glad the hearts of men and women, no matter how dire the circumstances. And we do well to remember also, in such uncertain days, that our God is unchanging, immutable, for ever the same. Our verses are taken from Psalm 46. 


Friday, 27th 

‘Come and see the works of the LORD, the desolations he has brought on the earth.’ (Psalm 46: 8) 

“O Lord, our God, we praise you for all the desolations you have brought upon the earth, as you have fought against the works of Satan and the dominion of darkness. We praise you that none can resist your power or stand against your voice. As we see your hand at work, increase our faith.” 

➢Pray that many here may be inspired to search the Scriptures as they seek to know the Lord. 

• Please pray for yourself, that you might know the best way to help, pray for and to provide support to those who need it. 

• Please pray for our church office and all who serve there, especially at this time of having to adapt how they work. 

Saturday, 28th 

‘He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth; He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; He burns the shields with fire.’ (Psalm 46: 9) 

“Praise you, O Lord, that you are a God of peace, sending to us your only Son, Jesus, to fight against sin and death, and to prevail. Make of us, O Lord, a people of peace, a peace which passes all understanding and a peace which will cause many to lay down their arms and take up your banner of peace and tranquillity.” 

➢Pray for the many people in our nation who are not at peace Pray that many such may seek the Lord and find his peace. 

Pray for those who cannot visit family members in Care Homes; pray for those whose businesses are under threat; pray for those recently made redundant; pray for those who are desperately lonely. Pray that many in our community would look to God. 

• Please continue to pray for a deep sense of unity and purpose 

• Pray for other local churches – pray for Mark at Kirby and Great Holland, Peter at Walton, and David at St Paul’s, at this time when we have shared in some of their ministry. Pray that God would give them the inspiration, wisdom and strength to lead their churches in His way in these challenging times. 

Sunday, 29th November 

‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted in the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.’ (Psalm 46: 10) 

“Praise you, O Lord, our God, for your peace and for your call to be still. Be exalted in our hearts and in our nation. Be exalted in the earth. May your praise resound today in hearts and minds and souls and spirits across the world. May our prayers and praises today rise to your throne of grace and rejoice your heart.” 

➢Pray also that the many online services taking place today from churches across the country may be a source of great comfort and solace to the faithful. 

• Thank God for our church family, as we join online to praise God and to learn from him today. 

• Please pray for our Family Time on YouTube today (4pm) – pray that many children (and adults too) would join in, enjoy it and learn from God’s word, through the stories that we read there. 

• Pray for all those who are suffering during the lockdown. Pray especially for those who find themselves locked together with those who would abuse or disrespect them. 

And on this the first day of Advent, please pray as we prepare to advertise our programme of events for December – pray that many would want to join in at this time of year.