Mon 1st  to Sun 7th October 2018

Thought for the week       Psalm 147

This week at our Harvest Festival Service we looked at Psalm 147, and what a wonderful Psalm this is.  That great 19th Century preacher, Spurgeon, said this Psalm shows clearly the greatness and the goodness of the Lord.  God is praised for the building up of Jerusalem, for healing the broken hearted, and for His care for the lowly and humble. 

But, here comes the crunch!  God delights in those who fear Him.  In other words, those who stand in awe of Him, and that is, those who accept the reality and the Holiness of God, especially as it reveals the vast distinction between humans and God, and in turn, this should make us think of our response to this.

Our response should show great reverence and worship, and an acknowledgement of an Almighty and an Awesome God – this is our God – our Father in Heaven who loves us so dearly.  It is He who is the creator and builder and maker. In this Psalm God’s grace and wisdom and power are all seen.

So, when we are tempted to think that what we have, is created or built or made by us, lets give thought and praise to the one true God who enables us to flourish in this world, and who prepares a place for us in the next, through   Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.                                                                   Sheila


· “Praise the Lord” (vs.1&20) - praise God for his wonderful creation around us.

· Please pray for a good turnout at  Christianity Explored - it’s week 3.

· Please pray for Veritas in Uganda - thank God for their continued and ongoing work in supporting the local church.


·     “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds” (v3) - please pray for those that are recently bereaved or are still mourning their loss.

· Pray for the Harvest Songs of Praise at Wednesday Worshippers tomorrow - that some visitors would decide to come.

· Pray that Rachel settles in really well to her work here, assisting with the Schools and families work - especially running the after school club.


· He determines the number of stars and calls them each by name” (v4) 

               - praise God that he knows each of us by name too!

· Pray for Cann Hall School visiting St. John’s for their harvest service.

· Please pray  for the special PCC Meeting tonight with the Archdeacon.


·     “Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving” (v7) - praise God for his goodness.

· Please pray for Burrsville Infant School as they attend St. John’s today.

· Persecuted Church: Iraq - Give thanks that some displaced believers are able to go home, pray for wisdom and faith for those who can’t and for Jesus to be evident in the lives of Church leaders.


·     “He supplies the earth with rain” (v8) - thank God that he supplies the needs of animals and people alike.

· Pray for some new children to join Friday Stars.  (tonight, 5-6pm)

· Pray for all who work in the office today - it’s the busiest day of the week there! 


· “The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love” (v14). Let’s pray that we would do just that!

· Please pray for our MacMillan Coffee morning this morning in the hall.

· Local churches: St. James’, Lt Clacton - pray for renewal of discipleship among the congregation and a recommitment to deepening their faith.


·     “He satisfies you with the finest of wheat” (v14) - thank God for all the special things that he gives us - more than we deserve!

· Pray for the children and young people who attend our church.

· Please continue to pray for our appointment of a new vicar. 

Mon 8th October to 14th October 

Thought for the Week  

As we start a new series from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians it may be helpful to remind ourselves of the background to the letter. It always helps when you know where the writer is coming from!

Ephesus was, in Paul’s day, a major port on the west coast of Asia – modern day Turkey. It was a great centre of trade and its Temple of Artemis was one of the seven wonders of the world. Some of you may have visited the remains of Ephesus; it’s a popular tourist attraction – you can still see parts of the baths, the gym, the market place, the temples and the theatre which date to the time of Paul. He spent

several years in Ephesus and we can read about that in Acts, but the letter appears to have been written from Rome where Paul was held prisoner, because he mentions that several times. (3 v1, 4 v1, 6 v20)

The letter has two parts; first Paul writes about the basis of our faith, God’s plan and purpose in sending Jesus and redeeming us – all the great themes of grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, truth and glory are there. The second part is more practical, concentrating on how the Ephesians should ‘live a life worthy’ of their calling. (4 v1) Both sections should help us, as we study them, to live out our faith – in the church, in our homes, and in our world.                                       Ruth



· Thank God for Paul and the letters he wrote.

· Pray for Bethany Bereavement and those that attend, especially newcomers.

· Please pray for Wycliffe Bible Translators work in Uganda and especially for the continuing efforts to raise money for a new meeting room. 


· Pray for Christians in Turkey today.

· Pray for Mark as he continues to keep us all “afloat” and in the right direction - for strength and wisdom (and a restful day off today).

· Pray for a settled core of children to attend Searchlights each week.


· Ask for understanding as we go through Ephesians.

· Pray for Wednesday Worshippers: that each week they will care for each other, be encouraged in their faith, and learn from God.

· Please pray for a great awakening in Clacton - for a softening of hearts. 


· Thank God that he has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.

· Please pray for “Together” - that this group grows in numbers.

· Persecuted Church: Iran - Pray that God will give strength and resilience to believers who has been disowned by their Muslim families.  


· Pray for friends who don’t yet know God’s blessing.

· Pray for Clive and his Frydays team that they are welcoming and friendly

· Pray for those in the Legerton Drive area - for open hearts at the Christianity Explored Course there (on Monday evenings). 


· Pray that our letters/cards/emails etc. will encourage others.

· Please pray for the Chelmsford Bible Conference today - for all who attend, especially the group from our church.

· Local Churches: St. Paul’s - Please pray for their new parish assistant (Rachel!) as she helps to take the Youth and Children’s work forward.


· Pray that we will be effective ‘saints in Clacton’.

·Please pray for ourselves and each other, as members of our loving Church family - that we would always show this love in our actions.

· Please continue to pray tenaciously for the appointment of a new Vicar.