Fortnightly Prayer Diary

Monday, 13th - Sunday, 26th September, 2021


Guy has chosen the Bible passage and written the prayer for the day for us, once again. (We base the prayer diary round what Guy produces, then Ann-Marie and Mark add prayers for specific things day-by-day. These include things that are happening that day.)

Guy writes…

In this Prayer Diary, we focus on 1 Peter chapter 1, and the insistent call therein to live lives which are holy and honouring to God.


Sunday, 19th

‘…but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.’ (I Peter 1: 19)


“Lord Jesus, Lamb of God, Redeemer, Saviour – how we praise you and thank you for all that you have done for us upon the Cross. Praise you for your ongoing work of redemption – fill our hearts, our souls, our spirits, our churches with your praise today. May we rejoice in the Lord always.”


              • Pray for those who are struggling with life’s pressures, pray that they can feel the presence and warmth of our Lord Jesus Christ with them.

              • Give thanks for all who get things ready for our Sunday services.


Please pray for our various services today. Pray that many will learn of God’s goodness, want to praise him, be encouraged in their faith and strengthened to live for him day by day.

              • Please pray for Ti and his Team as Alpha starts tonight. Pray that just the right people and just the right number of people attend.


Monday, 20th

‘He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.’ (I Peter 1: 20)


“Praise you, O God our Father, that you chose your Son to be our Saviour even before the Creation of the World. You chose and appointed Him in eternity, before time began. And praise you that He has been revealed in these last times – to all who believe.”


              • Thank God for our church family and all that they do to help us.

              • Give thanks that we live in a country where we can openly worship and declare our faith. Pray that this may long be the case. And please pray for Christians who have to worship in secret and who live in fear for their lives around the world.

              • Pray for all that goes on at St John’s today – Little Fishes in the morning, Searchlights in the afternoon and the work of the office.


Tuesday, 21st

‘Through Him you believe in God, who raised Him from the dead and glorified Him,’ (I Peter 1: 21)


“Lord Jesus, you are the Way to the Father. It is through you alone that we believe in God. Illuminate our hearts, we pray, that we may see the Father more clearly.”


Please pray for all churches which have close links with schools, including our own. Pray that they might be faithful and effective and imaginative as they present the Christian Gospel to the next generation.


              • Please pray for Mark, Hannah, Ti and Phill in their work with our local Schools – with Great Clacton Juniors, Cann Hall, Whitehall Academy, Burrsville Infants and CCA. Pray especially for Hannah as she has started taking assemblies and school classes again.

              • Pray for all who came to Alpha on Sunday. Pray they would return.

              • Thank God that we have strong leadership in our Church. Please pray for wisdom for all those leading in various roles.


Wednesday, 22nd

‘and so your faith and your hope are in God.’ (I Peter 1: 21)


“Our faith and our hope are in you alone, O Lord. We look to no-one else for help and strength. You alone are sufficient for all our needs.”


              • Pray for the new Year 3’s that started at Great Clacton Junior School in September. Pray for them today as they attend church for their Bible presentation. Pray that we would see them many times in in church over the coming years.

              • Please pray for our Wednesday Worshippers, as they meet today. Pray for godly fellowship. Pray for deep learning.

              • The Deanery Synod (representing local C of E churches) meets tonight. Pray that we would work well together with other churches with a common aim of sharing the Good News.



Thursday, 23rd

‘Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth, so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart.’ (I Peter 1: 22)


“Help me, O Lord, to love my brothers and my sisters in Christ deeply, from the heart. May my love for them not be shallow, but profound. May my love for them not be temporary, but permanent.”


              • Please pray for your family, your neighbours, your community - pray for vital and effective outreach into our parish.

              • Persecuted Church: Afganistan – This was considered the second most dangerous place in the world for Christians, and things may be far worse after recent events. Pray for safety and strength for all the Christians there, especially in the current turmoil.

              • Pray for anyone new considering joining in with Alpha this week.


Friday, 24th

‘For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.’ (I Peter 1: 23)

“Praise you, O Lord our God, that we have been born again through your Word. Praise you that the seed of re-birth which is within us will not perish but will endure for ever. May we continually rejoice as we reflect on this great truth.”


Please pray, at this harvest-time, that the Lord would raise up workers for the harvest field. Pray particularly for more men to offer themselves for ordination in the Church of England.


              • Pray for yourself, to know the best way to help those around who need comfort, advice or practical help at this time. Pray that we would be able to show God’s love in many situations.

              • Pray for all that goes on in the church office on a Friday. Pray that it would continue to be a place people turn to for help and advice.

              • Please pray for a good attendance at our Games Evening to be held at St. Mark’s this evening.



Saturday, 25th

‘For,“All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall,”’ (I Peter 1: 24)


“Thank you, Lord, for this reminder in this wonderful epistle that we are all like grass and all our glory – no matter how apparently fabulous it might be – is like the withering grass and the falling flowers. Whenever we are tempted to glory in our achievements, remind us of these words.”


Please pray today for all those who will preach and teach and proclaim God’s truth tomorrow. Pray that they may be inspired and Spirit-filled and that their words might touch and move the hearts of many to repent and return to God.


              • Please pray for God’s help in welcoming and helping people who are new to our churches, who we meet this weekend.

              • Please pray for all in our church family who are ill at this time.

              • Local churches: pray for David Lower at St Paul’s, as their pastor.


Sunday, 26th – Harvest Festival

‘“…but the word of the Lord stands for ever.” And this is the word that was preached to you.’ (I Peter 1: 25)


“Thank you, Lord, that unlike our fading glory, your Word is always fresh, powerful and full of life – thank you that it is eternal. Please help us to trust it. Please help us to use and share it.”


Please pray that all our churches and fellowships and church families across the country might be filled with praise and thanks giving to the Lord today - for all that He is and for all that He has done, and continues to do.

Please pray that we may, each one, count our blessings in Christ – and be grateful.


              • Thank God that we can meet with our church family today for our Harvest Thanksgiving. Thank God that we can now do more and more things again together with other Christians – thank God for the joy of joining with them. Pray that today we would truly encourage each other to give thanks to God for his goodness.

              • Please pray for Christians in Uganda at this time, when there are still many Covid cases and very few people have had vaccines. Pray especially for Gift, Kathryn, their family and the translation teams that we are linked with them, for their safety. Pray also that their wonderful work on God’s Word will be able to continue.

              • Pray for Alpha at St Mark’s tonight. Pray that many people would return for the second week. Pray that new people would be able to join in. And pray that God’s Word would powerfully do its work in the hearts and lives of many people.




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