Mon 14th to Sun 20th October

Thought for the week   GROWING AS CHRISTIANS: PRAYING  (Luke 11 v1-13)

In Luke’s Gospel the Lord’s prayer (v2-4) appears in a shorter form than the prayer we say today, but it loses none of its meaning. Jesus teaches His disciples that the relationship between God and man is one of Father and child, and it reminds us that we are to come to God in prayer like little children, like a little child that eagerly comes to its daddy (Abba Father). We are reminded that God’s name is to be respected as Holy (hallowed) and therefore, it should not to be used in a derogatory way, and we are to pray for God’s Kingdom to come, which reminds us of God’s foreverness and his perfect rule and that we should ask for His Holy perfection to come into our world today.  We are reminded to ask for our daily bread, and this is not just our food, but all things that we require for a healthy, harmonious life, for God alone is the source of all things good. Then comes the turning point in this prayer, the forgiveness of sin, which is the central problem of life, because sin separates us from God, and we are reminded that as we ask for this, we must forgive others who sin against us, showing them the same benevolence that we seek from God.       Finally, we are to seek God’s guidance so as not to stray into temptation. We are reminded here, that we are all susceptible to temptation, in the form of anything that will tempt us away from God and His ways.

Jesus says “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you” This explains so well what our Father God is like, wanting us to come to Him, loving us like His children, wanting to give us all things that are good and wholesome. This knowledge of God is vitally      important to us if we are to grow as Christians, and to learn to come to Him in prayer and in expectation of His ministry in our lives.                             Sheila


· Pray for God’s guidance so as not to stray into temptation.

· Pray for Together Again: for good fellowship and for numbers to grow.

· Persecuted Church:  Ethiopia - For believers from Muslim backgrounds that their witness will soften their persecutor’s hearts.

 FRIDAY 18th

· Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you (v 9).  Pray that we would ask, knock and seek!

· Pray, as Christmas approaches, for those who have lost a loved one, as this year Christmas will be different.

· Pray for the Legerton Drive area - for a breakthrough in the community.



·  Ask, knock and seek: for family and friends that do not yet know Christ -            

pray for open hearts and for the Lord to touch their lives.

· Pray for Mauro and Naomi as they celebrate their wedding today in SJC.  Pray for the Hills family as they return to Clacton to support the couple - and for Mauro’s family as they visit for the first time!

· Local churches: for our neighbours in Lt Clacton, waiting for a new Vicar. 



· Pray that we would always be grateful for our “daily bread”. (v 3)

· Pray for Phill as he prepares for and leads Family Sunday School.

· Pray for Missions Sunday as Mark Cuthbert and members of Betel visit.


Mon 21st to Sun 27th Oct


Thought for the Week       Mission and the Local Church

Mission flows from God's heart and He has chosen the church as his primary  instrument for world mission. (Matthew 28:18-20)  Seeking people for mission is an integral part of our normal church life here in Great Clacton. We try to follow the pattern shown in the New Testament churches in Jerusalem and Antioch where they identified missionaries from their congregations. We seek to do the same from our own church family. So we must continue to provide our church family with visions of what God can do in their lives to advance His Kingdom.

Our churches are a training ground for future missionaries, so we must continue to provide the right opportunities and training for future service; we must encourage our people to take up responsibilities in our churches in order to gain experience and to test their vocations; and we must find the time for individuals to help them discover their personal gifts, needs and interests, practically and spiritually. This is a responsibility we all share before God.

But what about us as individuals, are we available to God, are we willing to listen and respond to God’s calling, are we ready to let Jesus be Lord over every aspect of our daily lives? As followers of Jesus Christ we are all called to share the Good News with our families, neighbours, colleagues and friends and some to foreign fields throughout the world.

So, as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us take seriously our responsibility to pray for future missionaries to be raised up by God from our church family to serve in His Kingdom at home and abroad. Finally, let us all, as Paul once did, press on towards the goals set before us and seek to fulfil the visions which God has made known to each of us.  (Philippians 3:14)                                          Keith.


 MONDAY 21st

· Pray for BETEL Birmingham as they seek planning permission for their new HQ.

· Please pray for Mary & Robin as they visit Engaines School to launch the Shoe Box Appeal there in an assembly.

· Please pray for Gift and Kathryn and the work that they do in Uganda.


· Pray for safety for Catherine Porter in Japan during this typhoon season.

· Pray for all those who will be working hard in the office this week.

· Pray for Hannah as she has been invited into CCA on a fortnightly basis to teach a Bible story, with a new class and a new teacher.



· Pray for wisdom and discernment for our mission committee members as they seek to make wise and Godly decisions.

· Pray for Robin and his team as they go into St. Clements Court month by month (3rd Wednesday for the service) - pray for hearts to open.

· A Great Awakening in Great Clacton - pray for friends and neighbours.


·Pray for Aristarchus, Mathias, Judith and Aggrey as they continue with the Lunyole Translation Project in South East Uganda.

· Pray for Jan as she speaks at Together today.  Pray for a good number.

· Persecuted Church: Tajikistan - for Open Doors work strengthening the church in Central Asia with Christian literature, medical care, relief aid and socio-economic development projects.


· Pray for Gift, Kathryn, James and Simon Peter as they settle back into Ugandan life and continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

· Pray for Clive and his Frydays team as they reach out to the community.

· Pray for those in our town who struggle financially & for CAP as it helps.


· Pray for Mark & Ruth Cuthbert as they juggle work and family life.

· Pray for Steph and her team at the Coffee morning today - for good chats.

· Pray for Mark and the team and the children who attend Holiday Club  Reunion this morning - and for contacts to be renewed there.


·Pray for the work of Veritas as they train church leaders in Uganda.

· Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom regarding the plans that have been drawn up for St. John’s Church.

· Pray  for the Associate Minister post.  (Applications close 1st November.)