Monday, 1st March - Sunday, 14th March, 2021


Guy has written our prayer diary for us, once again.

We are really grateful to Guy for continuing to let us use his prayer diary thoughts day-by-day, as many people find them very helpful and an encouragement to pray.


Guy writes… As we begin the season of Lent our readings for this Prayer Diary are focussed on the trials of the Lord in the wilderness, as recorded by St. Matthew in his gospel.



Tuesday, 2nd


‘and lo, a voice from heaven, saying, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased”.’ (Matthew 3: 17)



“Thank you, O Lord our God, for your public declaration of love for your Son, our Lord Jesus. Increase our love for Him, we pray.”


➢ Please pray today for the spouses of all Gospel ministers – for godliness, wisdom, strength and love in all they do.


              • Please pray for the Cairns Family as they attend Alan’s funeral in St. John’s today. (PS)

              • Pray for your neighbours and our town – for a Great Awakening.

              • Pray for many to join in with Early Morning Prayers on our YouTube channel today (9am) and to continue to use this and other ways to pray together, even at this time.


Wednesday, 3rd


‘Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.’ (Matthew 4: 1)


“Praise you, Lord, for the companionship of the Spirit, as you approached this time of trial in the wilderness. Holy Spirit, we pray that you will keep and guide and guard all who are today passing through a time of trial. May they know your presence and experience your power.”


➢ As we enter this season of Lent, please pray for all churches. Pray for Lent Courses, Prayer Meetings and special services, that the Lord might richly bless each one with His presence.


              • Pray that God’s peace and love may abound.

              • Please pray for our Wednesday Worshippers in St. Mark’s today. Pray that they would continue to learn from God’s Word and be encouraged by meeting together once more.

              Thank God that both churches are now open - pray that everyone would take care, and for the protection of all who attend.


Thursday, 4th


‘And he fasted forty days and forty nights, and afterward he was hungry.’ (Matthew 4: 2)


“Thank you, O Lord, for your obedience to the Father, in willingly facing this time of testing and trial before your ministry began. Give us the strength and the desire not to flee from, but rather to embrace those times of trial which are ordained by the Father.”


              • Please pray for those who rely on the generosity and support of others. Pray for our Frydays team, as they try to help those in difficult situations, showing God’s love in practical ways.

              • Pray that many would be able to join in the Lent Meeting this evening and be encouraged and helped by it.

              • Persecuted Church: Yemen – The ongoing war has led to a deeply unstable country in which Islamic Militant groups have dangerous power, and Christians little defence against attack. Please pray for their protection and that they will know the comfort and presence of God in their lives.



Friday, 5th


‘And the tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become bread.”’ (Matthew 4: 3)


“Father God, help us to understand the ways of the tempter. Help us to understand that the tempter is no gentleman, but will always attack us when we are most vulnerable. Help us to know how to respond to any attack.”


➢ Pray for the church family to be brave in evangelism, so that many people would hear of the hope which Jesus brings.

➢ Pray for joyful, servant hearts, longing to serve amongst the church family in a rich variety of ways.


              • Pray for those who are struggling to cope with the current times and whose mental health is frail, especially anyone you know.

              • Please pray for all that goes on in the church office today.

              • Pray for local headteachers planning for the return of all children.


Saturday, 6th


‘But he answered, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4: 4)


Thank you, O Lord, that you replied to the tempter with words which proceeded directly from the mouth of God. Thank you that you have heard and understood every word which has been uttered by the Father. Give to each one of us, we pray, a deeper love for the Word. May that Word both live and abide in our hearts.”


➢ Pray for a deep moving of the Spirit among God’s people at St. John’s and St. Mark’s, especially as they pray. • Thank God for our families, our friends and all who support us.


              • Pray for those key workers who continue to support, care and provide vital services, even when this puts them in danger.

              • Pray for those preparing, filming and putting together our YouTube services and meeting - for ideas, patience, perseverance.


Sunday, 7th


‘Then the devil took him to the holy city, and set him on the pinnacle of the temple,’ (Matthew 4: 5)


“Help us, O Lord, to understand the devil’s ways. Help us to recognize his weapons, such as pride and ambition. Whenever we are tempted, help us to recognize the danger and to know how to respond.”


➢ Please pray for anyone you know who is, today, passing through a time of trial. May they worship the Lord this day in the beauty of his holiness and find their rest in him.

➢ Pray that the Lord may strengthen by His Spirit in these days.


              • Pray for the increasing number of bereaved families in this area who are now facing a 6-8 wk wait to lay their loved one to rest.

              • Pray for our children’s Sunday Club and its leaders, as it meets online before the YouTube morning service.

              • Pray that God’s Word is heard through today’s YouTube services.


Monday, 8th


‘and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written, ‘He will give his angels charge of you.’”’ (Matthew 4: 6)


“Help us, O Lord, to recognize the fiery darts of the evil one. Help us to see through his lies, his false assurances and his deceptions. Help us to stand firm in the faith.”


➢ Pray that the joy of the Lord might be His people’s strength here at St. John’s and St. Mark’s.

➢ Pray for the refining of Covid-19 to strengthen and magnify people’s trust in the Lord Jesus.


              • Please pray for the Howlett family as they attend Suzanne’s funeral in St. John’s. (MM)

              • Pray, once again, for Searchlights online – for good attendance and good listening, especially when the bible is being taught.

              • Pray for our local schools, as many children return for the first time since Christmas.


Tuesday, 9th


‘On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.’ (Matthew 4: 6)


“In an age of such uncertainty and such great confusion, O Lord, give to each one of your servants the ability to be able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad, what is authentic and what is false. May we not be found wanting in our walk with you.”


              • Thank God that he has power over nations and governments. Pray for all in our country who make important decisions today.

              • Pray for the Van Waardenburg family as they attend the funeral of Carel in St. John’s. (SN)

              • Please pray that many in our community would think deeply about the Good News of Jesus at this time. Pray that some would find their way to what we provide on YouTube and this would be a help.


Wednesday, 10th


‘Jesus said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.’” (Matthew 4: 7)


“Praise you, O Lord, that you are the Word and that the Word is written in your heart. Write your Word in our hearts today, and every day, and may we be ever-ready to use it.


➢ Please pray that ministers would teach congregations clearly and faithfully all that the Bible says about issues of the day.

➢ Pray that the Word might go forth in power from the lips and from the lives of all the faithful at St. John’s and St. Mark’s and might achieve all that the Lord intends for it.


              • Pray for all who are unwell, facing treatment or waiting for medical results at this time. Pray for God’s healing and strength.

              • Please pray for our Wednesday Worshippers - as they meet, pray for safety - pray that new people will start to join at this time.

              • Pray for Ignite, our Youth Group, meeting online at the moment.


Thursday, 11th


‘Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;’ (Matthew 4: 8)


“Help us, O Lord, never to under-estimate the power of the devil – nor to over-estimate it. Help us to use every opportunity to alert those we know to the very real presence and power of evil in our society.”


              • Please pray for the Osborne family as they attend the funeral of Jean at Weeley Crem today. (MM)

              • Persecuted Church: Iran – Imagine that you’re in the middle of a church service when suddenly the door bursts open - armed guards arrest you and you face a long prison sentence. Your charge? Crimes against national security just for worshipping Jesus. Please pray for all Iranian Christians who face such dangers.

              • Please pray that many would find today’s Lent Meeting useful.

              • Please pray for Branston Road (Pam Dench).


Friday, 12th


‘and he said to him, “All these I will give you if you will fall down and worship me”.’ (Matthew 4: 9)


“Today, O Lord, we pray against the false gods who surround us and who – daily, daily – clamour for our attention and our worship. Help us to see them for what they are and to echo your words – ‘Get behind me, Satan.’”


➢ Please pray for, and give thanks for, the ministry of retired clergy and their families as they provide help to many churches. Pray that they might have many continuing Gospel opportunities.


              • Thank God for giving us a new day – another day that we can know his presence with us, whatever it may hold for us.

              • Please pray for the Noon family as they attend the funeral of Robert at Oakfield Wood, Wrabness. (MM)

              • Please pray for those who work in the office in these times, when many are phoning up with requests and looking for help. Pray for them to have just the right words to say.


Saturday, 13th


‘Then Jesus said to him, “Begone, Satan! For it is written, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.”’ (Matthew 4: 10)


“Praise you, Lord, that you triumphed over Satan by the power of your Word. Praise you that, at your Word, Satan fled. May your Word and your Name be ever on our lips and in our hearts – and may Satan continue to flee from them.”


➢ Today we pray that the Lord might graciously bless all who are preparing to minister tomorrow – we pray for all preachers and teachers and leaders and welcomers and prayers. May each and every one shine with the love and with the light of Christ.

➢ Pray that the truth of God in Christ might go forth with power.



              • Pray for those who cannot visit family members in Care Homes; pray for those whose businesses are under threat; pray for those recently made redundant; pray for those who are desperately lonely. Pray that many in our community would look to God.

              • Please continue to pray for a deep sense of unity and purpose within our church family.

              • Pray for other local churches. Pray that God would give ministers the inspiration, wisdom and strength to lead their churches in His way at this time of changing circumstances.


Sunday, 14th (Mothering Sunday)


‘Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered to him.’ (Matthew 4: 11)


“Praise you, Lord, that the devil fled and angels came. Praise you, that the devil fled in disgrace and the angels arrived in glory. Praise you, that he who sought only to undermine and destroy you, was replaced by those who only sought to exalt you. Praise you, Lord, for the work of ministering angels.”


➢ Pray that the many online services taking place today from churches across the country may be a source of great comfort and solace to the faithful, this Mothering Sunday.

➢ Please pray also today for the ongoing work of Chaplains in hospitals, hospices, schools, prisons and the Armed Forces. May they be valued members of these organizations.


              • Pray for all mums that we know and for those who play a mothering role in the lives for others. Give thanks for them and pray for God’s strength to carry out the role God has given them.

              • Pray for many separated from or missing their mothers today.

              • Please pray for our Family Time on YouTube today (4pm) – pray that many children (and adults too) would join in, enjoy and learn.

              • Please pray for the week ahead - for Covid numbers to continue to drop and for complacency not to return, but for caution and thoughtfulness to continue. Pray for God’s protection.