Fortnightly Prayer Diary

Mon 11th to Sun 17th February

Thought for the Week   Ephesians 6v19-24

When I read a letter, I tend not to spend much time thinking about the way the letter begins and ends. I mean, who would? The point of the letter is in the content of the letter, rather than in the way it is begun and signed off! And yet, if we apply this same attitude to the Bible we will miss out. What can we learn from the way that Paul signs off his letter to the Ephesians?

Firstly, Paul asks the Ephesians to pray for him (v19-20). Paul, the apostle, who brought many hundreds of people to the Lord, was humble enough to ask for his brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for him. We, too, can learn from his humility – we need our church family to support us and pray for us, just as we pray for them. If even Christ’s apostle needs prayers for boldness and the words to speak, how much more do we!

Secondly, Paul sent Tychicus to send “the news” about how they were all getting on (v21-22). Is this simply about catching up on the details of life? I’m sure that is part of it – the Lord is concerned about our whole lives, not just the spiritual side – but even more, that we should take an interest in what God is doing in other churches and places. We are not to be parochial, focussing exclusively on Great Clacton, but take an interest in and pray for what God is doing across our town, our country, and further afield. The body of Christ extends further than Great Clacton!     

Finally, Paul commends God’s grace to those who love him “with an undying love” (v24). God’s grace should lead us to love the Lord more day by day, to serve him and obey him in increasing measure. This is a good summary of the whole book of Ephesians!                                                                                                                                                       Phill



·  Pray for peace and love and faith for you and all our church family.

·        Pray for our Christianity Explored Course (week 5) - for people to engage.

·      Local Churches: Elmstead - pray for them during their vacancy - for good working relationships between churches as they pursue a common vision.


·     Pray that the Lord would increase our love for him today.

·     Pray for Legerton Dr Community Service: for families to come regularly.

·     Pray for God to call the man he wants as our new Associate Minister.