Mon 17th to Sun 23rd September 2018


Thought for the week

How intentional are you about doing things?


I expect most of us are fairly intentional and organised about getting up each morning to go to school, work or whatever.  I expect we plan our times for shopping, for our hobbies or interests, for cleaning the house (well maybe!) and we plan what we will do and where we will go on our holidays.  We certainly plan and prepare for the bigger things – like applying for a new job, going to uni or moving house.


But how intentional are we about our Christian life and growth?

David in Psalm 27 is very intentional about it.

‘I will be confident in the Lord’ he says  (v.3), ‘I will ask of the Lord’  (v.4),  ‘I will sing and make music to the Lord’ (v. 6),  ‘I will call (pray)’  (v. 7),

‘I will see the goodness of the Lord’ – in my lifetime  (v. 13).


Are we as intentional about Christian things? Why not order that helpful Christian book? – and then read it!  Why not book up for a house group place this autumn? Why not come to the Chelmsford Bible Conference (Sat. 13th Oct)?  But above all let’s be very intentional about placing our confidence in God v.13 – and meeting together in His house,  (v. 4), each week. 


‘I will’ said David; will we?                                            Ruth



· Pray that we will enjoy meeting together each Sunday.

· Please pray for a good turnout at  Searchlights After School Club starting today - and for Rachel & Hannah as they welcome the children.

· Please pray for Tearfund, for their work with local churches in developing countries to bring help to communities where poverty is a real problem.



·     Thank God for all the opportunities to meet and grow during the week.

· Pray for our new Church hall that God would provide what we need.

· Pray for Hannah and the new j10’s - pray that the group gels together.



·        Pray for our house group leaders as they prepare each week.

· Pray for those attending Wednesday Worshippers - for good fellowship.

· Please pray  for a great awakening in our Parish.



·     Pray for those who are struggling to be confident in God.

· Please pray for Together Again and all who attend.  And pray that some new folks would join us over the autumn months.

· Persecuted Church: pray for the work of Barnabas Fund, as they try to provide practical support for persecuted Christians in many countries.



·     Thank God for the musicians who lead our singing and music making.

· Pray for the family of Roy Thorne as they attend his funeral at the crematorium this afternoon - that Mark has just the right words to say (MM).

· Continue to pray for our work at Legerton Drive - especially for people to come to the Christianity Explored course.



· Pray for your own growth in faith and experience of God.

· Pray for St. Mark’s today - for the working party and also for a good attendance at the Cream Tea and Plant Swap this afternoon.

· Local churches: pray for All Saints Brightlingsea - give thanks that they have been able to appoint a new Vicar!



·     Thank God for the writers of Bible notes and books and courses.

· Pray for ourselves as a Church today - that we learn from God’s word.

· Please continue to pray for our appointment of a new vicar and for wisdom for Archdeacon Annette & Bishop Rod in the decisions they make.


Mon 24th to Sun 30th September


Thought for the Week    


Psalm 104 is "A Psalm of God's Creation". 

In our children's groups we often teach them that 'God made everything'.  It is a fairly simple, straightforward and - many people think - harmless truth.  But in reality it is one of the most fundamental and important things that we can say about the world.  If God made the universe, then it changes everything.


Firstly, Ps 104 says the Lord is "very great" (v1).  he whole of creation declares the glory of God (Ps 19).  We are supposed to look at creation and declare the glory, goodness and power of God - and yet many people do not (e.g. Romans 1:20-23).  Yet for those with eyes to see, creation shows the greatness of God - how he "stretches out the heavens like a tent" (v2).


Secondly, because it shows the awesome  power of the Lord over all things. He not only "set the earth on its foundations" (v5), but he superintends every aspect of creation at every moment - springs, wild beasts, birds, grass, everything (vv10-18).  Even the moon and the sun are under his control.  We serve the God who holds the whole of creation in his hands - we should remember this when we come to worship him and pray to him!


Thirdly, it shows that we are not here for ourselves - we are here to go God's will for our lives.  We are not here to serve our own selfish ends but God's.  He made us, and he gives us purpose.


Finally, it shows that our whole lives should be lived as grateful praise and worship of the God who made everything.  "I will sing to the Lord all my life" (v33) - let us pray this week that we should sing all our days in praise of our creator God.                                                                                                                  Phill



· "Praise the Lord, my soul" - praise God for his goodness today.

· Pray for Bethany Bereavement and those that attend, especially newcomers.

· Please pray for the continued good work of Betel for the work they do in bringing broken people to a full life in knowing Christ.



· "He stretches out the heavens" - praise God for his work in creating and sustaining the universe.

· Pray for Pam & Kathy and those that attend Stewsdays.

· Pray for Ann-Marie & Anita as they answer the Church phone day-by-day.



·        "It can never be moved" - praise God that our security is in him.

· Pray as Great Clacton Junior’ School attend St. John’s for their Harvest Festival service this afternoon - for real thankfulness.

· Please pray for St. Clements Court and the service there today.



·        "Wine that gladdens human hearts" - thank God for his many gifts in creation that we enjoy.

· Pray for Rachel as she continues to settle into her new roles.

· Persecuted Church: Pray for the work of Open Doors as they make us aware of the plight of persecuted Christians across the world.



·        "The lions... seek their food from God" - praise God for his work in looking after all creatures of the earth.

·     Pray for Clive and his Frydays team that they are welcoming and friendly

· Pray for those in the Legerton Drive area - for open hearts at the Christianity Explored course.



·        "In wisdom you made them all": praise God for his wisdom in all he made.

· Please pray for our coffee morning this morning and for new people to attend.  Pray for Steph and the team to have continued energy.

· Local Churches: St. James & St. Christopher’s - please pray for future building project and to help them discern God’s plan for the community.



·     "I will sing to the Lord all my life" - pray that our songs today would      come from grateful and sincere hearts.

·        Please pray for our Harvest Festival services today and for our Harvest   Praise and afternoon tea at 4pm. Pray that there would be some visitors.

· Please continue to pray tenaciously for the appointment of a new Vicar.