Mission Matters Prayer Sheet

This fortnight it’s Mission Matters


So let’s take this fortnight to pray prayers for our Mission Partners (see ‘Mission Support’ tab on our web pages) – it’s a good chance to pray for some areas of God’s work that we might otherwise struggle to know what to ask for.  Let’s pray, with thankfulness, for God’s mission in its many forms.     Mark.


WEDNESDAY 19th                  Catherine Porter’s work

Pray for stamina for her this week as she completes her concert tour.
ALSO for our music group: they’re meeting to choose songs for our services


THURSDAY 20th                 Gift & Kathryn …

Pray that they quickly settle back into life, work and school in Uganda.

AND Persecuted Church: Iraq - Praise God as many Christian families have been able to return home, thanks partly to the generosity of Open Doors supporters.


FRIDAY 21st                          ‘Spread the Word’ …

Pray for ourselves, that we are “active contributors” to God’s work here. 

ALSO, pray for those who work in the church office on this busy day. 


SATURDAY 22nd                   Betel UK’s Hexham café

Pray for the team as they adjust to the new dynamics in their work routine.

AND please continue to pray for a great awakening in our town.


SUNDAY 23rd                       Veritas …

Please pray for more training doors to open in the Church of Uganda.

ALSO pray for our joint service & picnic and afternoon out at Birch Hall.


MONDAY 24th                      St Clements Court …

Pray for the coffee morning there (at 3pm today!) - for good conversations.

ALSO, pray for all attending Eileen Burrough’s funeral today (1.30 in St J’s).


TUESDAY 25th                     Gift & Kathryn …

Pray for them as they restart their role coordinating Bible translation work.   

ALSO for Robin, Joan and our finance team as they look after our money. 


WEDNESDAY 26th             St Clements again …

Pray that St. Clements service today - for good attendance. And pray that

    residents will hear the message of Jesus Christ and put their trust in him.

ALSO, pray for Anita in the office this afternoon, as she sorts out wedding,

     renewal of vows, thanksgiving and baptism bookings - and much more.


THURSDAY 27th                 Wendy’s ‘Retirement’ …

Pray that Wendy will be able to pace herself in all she does & pray, with

 her, that we live life to the full now, making every day count for the Lord.

AND, Persecuted Church: Saudi Arabia - Leaving Islam is punishable by death there.  Christians have kept their faith completely secret.  Now some are becoming bolder in sharing it.  Pray that God will protect them.


FRIDAY 28th                         Open Doors

Pray for the work they still do in 60 countries for the persecuted church.

ALSO, pray for the regular work at Frydays today - for Clive and the team,

AND for Little Fishes & Friday Club as they welcome children week-by-week


SATURDAY 29th                Esther & Open Doors …

Pray for Esther (and Rebecca) as she continues to recover from her ordeal.

ALSO, pray for the Coffee Morning (9.30-11.30 in the church hall) -

for Stephanie and the team as they set up and serve and for lots of guests.


SUNDAY 30th                       ‘See Change’ …

Pray for Open Doors and the ‘See Change’ campaign they have launched,

 & for Christian women, targeted because of their gender and their faith.

ALSO, please pray for the appointment of our new Associate Minister –    

 pray that as the advert goes out just the right people will apply for the job.


AS WELL, THIS WEEK…  please could you pray for wisdom as we think about the future of our buildings, especially the church hall.