September is here and a new school year is upon us…

…so it’s a good time to look back on the past few months and to think about the coming weeks.  As many things start up again after the summer break let’s take this opportunity to pray for them.  And with all the things that have to be done differently at the moment those involved in our various church activities will especially value your prayers.

This week’s Prayer Diary is a one week special that helps us to focus on this unique situation that we find ourselves in and to ask God for his wisdom and his help. 



·      Thank God for the wonderful summer break that many enjoyed - so that we can come back refreshed, re-energised and ready to do His work.

·      Please pray for Hannah and Rachel as Searchlights restarts today – pray especially that the children would respond well to the social distancing rules that they will have to cope with.  And pray that despite all the changes they would still love being at a church club and would still listen carefully to the Bible’s message. 

·      Please pray for Bethany as it restarts today - pray for John and Jan as they meet those that are grieving.  Pray that God’s love would be seen.



·      Thank God for keeping the church family safe during the spring and the summer – and give thanks that he’s still watching over us.

·      Please pray for our local schools – pray that children and staff would stay well.  Pray for all that the staff have to do at this time – and especially for wisdom for the headteachers with all the decisions they have to make.

·      Please pray for Hannah as her work with the Schools starts up again.  Pray for strength as she constantly has to adapt to changing situations.



·      Give thanks that Wednesday Worshippers is back in St Mark’s and please continue to pray that the services would bring much encouragement.

·      Pray for our young people at secondary school, with all the changes.

·      Please pray for our j10 youth group as it has started in a new place (St. Paul’s Church), on a new day (Wednesdays) and has joined with their youth group Ignite – pray for new friendships to be formed.



·      Give thanks that we are able to hold live services again, both on Sundays and during the week – today we thank God especially for Together.

·      Pray for our Together service, in St John’s every other week (next one next Thurs).  Please pray that people will continue to be able to attend throughout the autumn and enjoy good teaching and fellowship. 

·      The Persecuted Church – pray for wisdom for Christian organisations who help, as they consider where to direct their resources at this time, when many Christians in marginalised communities are struggling because of the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.



·      Thank God that we have been able to help people in our community during the lockdown and the summer – including helping friends and neighbours, and also through the work of the Frydays team, working from the hall to deliver food as part of the Food Share Scheme.  

·      Pray for Clive and his team as they look to the future and how best to continue in their ministry until Frydays Café can start up again.

·      Please pray that, as a church, we would pray!  Pray especially for our morning prayer meetings, which have started again this week (including a new Tuesday one on YouTube).  Pray also for our Evening Prayers on Sunday on YouTube and that many would use our Prayer Diary.



·      Look up – thank God for the things he gives us.  Look back – thank God for always being there for us.  Look ahead – Thank God that he’s in control and for his many blessings that he gives day by day.

·      Please pray for our Mission Links, giving thanks that we have been able to stay in touch with our friend across the world over these months. Pray especially for the Lunyole Translation Team in Uganda - Mathias, a key member of the team, lost his father last week - pray for God’s comfort.

Pray for local churches, especially our growing partnership with St Paul’s


·      Thank God that we have been blessed to have Robin and Ruth with us for 10 years.  And pray for them - for their new life in the Cotswolds, and that they would be encouraged by their special service today.

·      Pray for our church services today - both in our buildings and those on YouTube.  Pray that many would hear God’s word today one way or another – and pray that some would hear the Gospel for the first time.

·      Pray for a Great Awakening: pray for our online Alpha starting very soon.