August Prayer Diary


 It’s summer once again… and as the office tries to have a quieter month and as the staff team has some time off, we as usual have a simpler prayer diary in August. Each day let’s try to pray in 4 areas - for ourselves, for others, for our church, and something for our town/country/world. These will be prayers that we can come back to week-by-week. As we do this, we can again remember some of Jesus’ words about prayer… “When you pray, say: ‘Father…’” (Luke 11v2) AND… “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9v37-38)


Mon 8th August to Sunday 11th September



              • Pray for yourself and others at church – for us to be a true family.

              • Pray for the children and families who attended Holiday Club - pray that seeds have been sown and that God will nurture them.

              • Please pray for Mark, Ti, Phill, Hannah and Rachel as they have a break - pray for relaxation and re-energisation.

              • Pray for a Great Awakening in Great Clacton.




              • Pray that we would draw strength from God’s word this summer.

              • Please pray for all those struggling financially at this time due to rising interest rates and the cost of living.

              • Give thanks that God has kept us together as a Church. Pray that this unity would be preserved and continue long into the future.

              • Pray for the work of the Food Bank, Trinity Hope Centre and of our church hall team, helping those in need in our town.




              • Give thanks for the summer blessings that we enjoy - big or small.

              • Let’s pray for our neighbours – that they would have a safe and enjoyable summer – but that they would also look to the Lord.

              • Pray for the church office, continuing its work over the summer.

              • Give thanks for our local Emergency Services:- Coastguard, Lifeguards, Police, Fire fighters, Medical Staff - especially during the busy summer period, when many people visit Clacton.




              • Let’s give thanks that God has brought us into his Kingdom.

              • Pray for all those who are struggling with their health.

              • Please pray for The Persecuted Church – pray for wisdom, as organisations giving support consider who most needs their help.

              • Pray for us as a country as we move forward into an uncertain financial future. Please pray that many will turn to God for help.




              • Pray that God would show us how to serve him and others over the coming months.

              • Please pray for all those that are known to us who are grieving.

              • Please pray for Alice, our CAP debt coach, as more people turn to her for help and guidance in these uncertain times.

              • Please continue to pray for the war in Ukraine - for peace to come - and for the displaced families - that they would find a home.




              • Look up and look out - give thanks to the Lord of the Creation for the beauty of our earth, given to us to benefit from and enjoy.

              • Please pray for those struggling because of sadness or loneliness.

              • Pray for our staff team and those who lead various church ministries, as they take some time off over this month. Pray for relaxation and re-energising, both physical and spiritual.

              • Pray for those churches struggling financially at the moment.




              • Thank God for the new life he’s given us through the Lord Jesus.

              • Please pray for local church ministers – pray that they would make wise decisions for their churches, often in challenging circumstances.

              • Pray for our church services today - both in our buildings and on YouTube. Pray that many would hear God’s word today – and that some might hear the Gospel for the first time.

              • Pray for our nation as a new Prime Minister will be in place soon. Pray for wise decisions and a desire to uphold godly standards.


Thank you for using our prayer diary.

We’re always looking for new ideas of things we should be praying for.

If you think of anything that has been missing from our prayer requests, please let Ann-Marie or Mark know.